Novecore warns musicians about shady promotion services

Novecore notifies artists to beware of shady music promotion services that are on the rise in the industry.

LONDON, June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - The music distribution company Novecore has warned its users to be cautious when being offered specific paid music promotion services.

The music promotion services in question mostly consist of playlist pitching. This offer typically involves a person or a company charging an artist a fee to pitch their music to popular playlist “curators” on Spotify, SoundCloud, and other services. Paying to be featured on playlists is not allowed by streaming platforms. Some also advertise themselves as marketing agencies who promise to put up ads on Google, Facebook or other web platforms.

Not all companies that offer playlist pitching are scam artists. Novecore provided some red flags to look out for when seeing an offer like this. The biggest red flag is the agency offering a guarantee to get the musician’s song featured on a playlist. These agencies and promoters don’t have a way of providing that guarantee as they’re not the decision makers.

Many of these agencies try to get around the rules by accepting mandatory “donations” in order to get started with the service. They often operate on a network-basis and get artists placement in one of their or their partners’ playlists. This is strictly prohibited by Spotify, requesting a bribe for playlist placement is not allowed. Then they often use bots to artificially increase the engagement on the playlist.

“We understand that musicians want to get their music heard. But they need to be aware of the risks they’re taking with their money, reputation and even ability to reach people. Using services such as playlist pitching can get users banned from streaming platforms like Spotify, and they could also lose access to music distribution services such as Novecore. Inorganic streams can also hurt their ability to get recommended to real people interested in their music by confusing the platforms’ algorithms. We recommend promoting your music in an ethical way and staying away from shady offers.” said Matthias Merkel, the founder and COO of Novecore.

Novecore has started its new music marketing email series and is now notifying artists across the world to be very cautious about how they promote their music.


Novecore is a global music distribution company which helps artists easily monetize their work. The company serves a worldwide audience and distributes music to all major platforms, including Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Apple Music. Novecore’s key goal is allowing all artists to share and earn from their music, regardless of their location or available resources.  


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